Admission Procedures

Make an Enquiry 
Please submit an initial enquiry form or contact our admissions team. School tours are available every Monday-Saturday: 8am-5pm (by appointment only). Please check with our admissions team to book a preferred day and time. We regularly have Open Days and make announcements on Facebook and on our website. Parents are required to RSVP to attend our Open Days, in accordance with our school’s health and safety guidelines. 

Submit an Application Form
Please complete and submit the  Application Form, photocopy of IC/passport, together with the required Application Fee and applicant’s past 2 years school reports to the Admissions Office, or email to [email protected]

Take a Placement Test and Admissions Interview
All applicants are required to take a Placement Test and have an Admissions Interview with the Principal or Head of Section. This will help ensure that the students are placed in the correct grade level and are able to flourish at UIS KL.

Conditional Offer Letter & Acceptance
Based on the results of the Placement Test and Admissions Interview, parents/guardians are required to submit the admission documents as per stated in the checklist in the Application Form, together with the required fee as per stated in the fee schedule. In order to qualify for the Founding Student discount, payment should be made within 14 days from the issue date of the Conditional Offer Letter. An Acceptance Letter will be given to successful applicants.

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