Integrating 21st Century Skills Into Core Curriculum

At UCSI International School (UIS) Kuala Lumpur, the combination of the Cambridge International Curriculum and the International Primary Curriculum during primary school lays the foundations for secondary school and the rigorous IGCSE exams. Our multinational teachers are well-qualified to deliver the curriculum, and our makerspace, science labs, and studios enable students with hands-on learning opportunities.

As part of this evolutionary leap in educational needs, UIS Kuala Lumpur has also been inducted as the first Finnish Experience Flagship School in Malaysia since August 2021. Through this holistic partnership, the school will be introducing four new tech-based modules: Code School Finland, Eduten Playground, Grapho Game, & School Day to provide a truly 21st Century learning experience for all students. The inclusion of these modules is designed to inculcate skills such as coding, gamification, robotics, IT, communication, creativity, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence in students, preparing them for the ever-changing 21st Century world.

Beyond that, UIS Kuala Lumpur has established The EdTech Centre, a one-stop technology and learning hub to enable students, teachers, parents and the community to interact with one another on the growing importance of the 21st Century Skills. These skills, among others, consist of creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking by leveraging emerging digital technologies to increase the reach and impact of education. This platform is set to redefine the outcomes of youth and to heighten the quality of education for students across the board.

UIS Kuala Lumpur focuses on Eight Critical Characteristics in our learning content and experiences: Character Education, Global Citizenship Skills, Innovation & Creative Skills, Technology Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Personalised & Self-Paced Learning, Problem-based Collaborative Learning, and Lifelong Learning. Supported by Apple Education, our students use tools and resources such as the Everyone Can Create & Everyone Can Code programmes to learn IT, design, robotics, and computer science. The rapid advancement of technological innovation, global competition, and a push towards a knowledge-based economy require that our students have a repertoire of soft and hard skills. We therefore place a strong emphasis on technology, character education, and co-curricular activities, forming a truly holistic education for the 21st century.

Through Character Education, we aim to develop high achieving students who demonstrate virtues such as integrity, honesty, and empathy. At UIS Kuala Lumpur, we believe in creating opportunities for students to develop essential life skills such as creativity, leadership, teamwork, communication, resilience, and an entrepreneurial spirit that will prepare them for the future.

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