Early Years Centre

Introducing The Early Years Centre (EYC)!

School Day & Time 

Monday – Friday 
8.45am – 2.40pm 

The EYC @ UCSI KL is where joyful learning and play happen throughout the day, for children between the ages of 3 and 5. Every child’s earliest years provide a wonderful opportunity to capture their natural curiosity, and to establish a genuine passion for learning. 

All EYC teachers are fully qualified and experienced early years educators. We also have one experienced Teaching Assistant (TA) in each Early Years classroom. 

Choosing the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) not only harmonises with UCSI International School Kuala Lumpur’s emphasis on inquiry-based learning and teaching, but also perfectly fits our Vision and Mission to develop future leaders and inspire global citizens through 21st Century Education.  

The IEYC allows our youngsters to explore, express and experiment, to play and perform, and to express their learning and understanding through technology, learning toys and so many other outstanding resources. 

IEYC flows seamlessly into the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), used in our Primary School, with its emphasis on learning goals, personal goals and international goals all wrapped up in thematic units of learning. 

How do we teach the IEYC?

The IEYC is built around four Learning Strands that underpin all learning and development:

The learning process adopts the following sequence:

How will children’s learning be assessed?

At this early stage of development, observation and interactions are the best way to make assessments, these are continuous and should involve both the child and their parents.

Learning journals provide an ideal format for capturing observations throughout a child’s learning journey. They also allow the learning and reflections to be opened up to the child and their parents. Any evaluation and reflection should be unique to the child, resulting in individually tailored next steps for their development.

21st Century Learning - The EdTech Centre

All learners will have opportunities to visit and explore the EdTech Centre @ UIS KL. The EdTech centre is a ‘one-stop’ technology hub where learners, teachers (and even parents!) can explore and experiment emerging technologies from robotics to 3D printing, sound and music recording to green screen videos. 

Parent and Teacher Communication

At the heart of building a strong relationship between parents and teachers lies effective, regular and timely communications.

Before your child starts at the EYC you will hear from your child’s teacher with helpful information for you and your child in preparation for the first day of school.

Subsequently, you will receive regular communications describing the different units of learning your child will be exploring, information to help you track your child’s learning, performance, social-emotional development, and wellbeing.

You will also be able  to meet with your child’s teacher at organised Learner -Teacher – Parent Conferences held each term.

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