Message From Our Schools Group CEO


Mr Willie Tan

Since its inception, UCSI Schools Group comprising both UCSI International School and Sri UCSI has been providing a nurturing, innovative and conducive environment for students to thrive in their education sphere. Our objective is to create visionary leaders who are not only resilient, well-prepared but adaptive towards any uncertainty posed in the future.

Our leading class academics at UCSI Schools have fervently striven to ensure that our education is relevant to each generation with particular emphasis placed on harnessing technology and amalgamating it with our exceptional holistic curriculum in order to result in engaged learning that goes beyond classroom learning activities.

In order to further reinforce UCSI Schools Group as a leader and innovator in K-12 education, it is my mission to embark on both expansion and transformation plan for our Schools to deliver world-class and future-proof education. As part of our expansion plan, we target to establish 20 schools in key cities and states within the next eight years with the next exciting school project launching in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. The transformation plan will see our Schools in taking the lead to redefine education and its purpose for our learners – by imparting our students with the mindset and skillset for the advent of IR4.0. As it is commonly known that 65% of students who enter primary education today will ultimately end up working in completely new job roles which have yet to exist. As such, our Schools will be poised to anticipate and prepare our students for future skills requirements within the 21st century school settings.

In light of the rapidly developing education landscape, our Schools will focus on developing human potential through personalised learning that is supported by various technologies, including incorporating the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art (Humanities) and Math (STEAM) education. Additionally, with the increased usage and dependency on technology, UCSI Schools will emphasise on education in values and ethics which becomes more important and relevant in ensuring that technology is used the right way.

Our Schools will embrace a paradigm shift in teaching and learning pedagogues which will result in:

  • students who become lifelong learners that possess the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn, which generates and cultivates attributes such as creativity, curiosity, and design-thinking among students;
  • students who have adopted the maker mindset mentality, which develops creativity, iterative thinking, critical thinking, and collaborative thinking skills; and
  • students with global citizenship, which instils a greater appreciation, love and respect for different cultures; international perspectives; and a heightened sense of responsibility for local, as well as global-communities.

As the CEO of UCSI Schools Group, I welcome you to join our fraternity and be part of our transformative and exciting educational journey which will, essentially, realise your child’s true potential.

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Mr Willie Tan
Group CEO, UCSI Schools Group


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