World Environment Day 2021

World Environment Day 2021 – Teen’s Virtual Gathering

On June 4th, 2021 in conjunction with the UCSI Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Month 2021, USCI Group SDG Secretariat Office co-organized a World Environment Day, Teen’s Virtual Gathering with The Blue Ribbon Global via the Zoom meeting platform.

Our special guest, Academican Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Salleh Mohd. Nor headlined the event, as our distinguished speaker was warmly welcomed by Mr. Willie Tan (Group CEO of UCSI Schools Group). The virtual event was joined by over 250 teens and 25 facilitators present.

Majority of the teens were from Malaysia with representations from neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines and India. As part of the virtual event, many fun activities were delivered for the Group Breakout sessions. In addition to that, we were able to welcome a few teenagers, our very own student, Maria Chan Ruyi, Tony Dal Sal Lian from Teens4CAP, and Maia Raymond from Permayouth, Australia, to passionately share and talk about their environmental care projects.

UCSI International School Springhill would like to thank all students and parties involved in making the World Environment Day, Teen’s Virtual Gathering a success as part of our SDG initiatives.

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