Our Eight Critical Characteristics

With the rapid advancement of technological innovation, global competition, and a push towards a knowledge-based economy, UCSI Schools Springhill focuses on 8 Critical Characteristics in our learning content and experiences, which are extensively supported by education technology (Edtech) including VR, AR, 3D animation, and robotics amongst others.

Placing a strong emphasis on Character Education & Technology Skills as part of our 8 Critical Characteristics, UCSI Schools Springhill prepares learners for the future by equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and values needed to become responsible Global Citizens in a 21st Century world.

  1. CHARACTER EDUCATION : develops high achieving students with integrity, honesty and empathy virtues. Students that have a developed moral compass and practical wisdom in a challenging fractured world will make a positive impact for life.
  2. GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP SKILLS: focuses on building awareness about the wider world, sustain-ability and playing an active role in the global community.
  3. INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY SKILLS: fosters skills required for innovation, including complex problem-solving, analytical thinking, creativity and systems analysis.
  4. TECHNOLOGY SKILLS: digital skills, including programming, digital responsibility and the use of technology.
  5. INTERPERSONAL SKILLS: focuses on interpersonal emotional intelligence, including empathy, cooperation, negotiation, leadership and social awareness.
  6. PERSONALIZED AND SELF-PACED LEARNING: learning is standardized, to one based on the diverse individual needs of each learner, and flexible enough to enable each learner to progress at their own pace.
  7. PROBLEM-BASED AND COLLABORATIVE LEARNING: Project and problem-based content delivery, requiring peer collaboration.
  8. LIFELONG LEARNING: all students continuously improves on existing skills and acquires new ones based on their individual needs.
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