Benefits of A Boarding Experience

The 4 Pillars of UIS Springhill’s Boarding Programme

Nurturing independence and social maturity is at the foundation of our UIS Springhill’s Boarding Programme. Getting on top of time management through punctuality, managing academic and extracurricular schedules, sharing living space with groups of their peers, make students who spend their high school experience in a boarding school setting 78 percent more likely to be confident in preparation for university and beyond. This is in comparison to just 23 percent of public-school students. Learning independence early is crucial to prepare a young person for a mature adulthood. Boarding school prepares students thoroughly to compete and thrive in the working world.

How specifically can boarding school prepare your child for college?  Here are four ways our UIS Springhill’s Boarding Programme sets students on an early path to success:

  1. Time Management

Learning to prioritise and leverage time is a useful skill in success building. What better way to learn it in a boarding school environment, where students get real time feedback from their Peers and House Parents.

Students are in for a rude awakening, as having parental reminders for important dates, required practices, or homework deadlines will not be a norm here at a boarding school. One’s ability to succeed is undeniably linked to their ability to properly plan and execute. At UIS Springhill, students hit the ground running, and learns the nuts and bolts of managing themselves through schedules, self -regulation and self-management.

Study halls, access to on-campus learning resources, and trusted houseparent relationships help them learn how to prioritise their time in a way that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. 


  1. Relationship Building

Students today are flooded with data and input from their world, and definitely from social media. The Pew research determines that 95 percent of teens have access to a smartphone, with half being online “almost constantly.” While many students pride themselves on their tech-savvy abilities, many are bereft of interpersonal awareness, emotional intelligence, and real human connection. Part of the human experience is connecting with other people in a real and meaningful manner.

Our boarding school allows students to live within their society, not just viewing it from behind a glowing screen. In line with this, our Boarding Programme enhances our student’s ability to connect on an empathic and personal level, while also understanding how critical those skills are to creating healthy personal and professional relationships.

At UIS Springhill, our state-of-the-art campus creates plenty of opportunities for interaction for our EYP and PYP students, together with our MYP and DP students. Our academic team of coordinators provide direction and support, as well as a comfortable space to practise communication with trusted adults and peers. Our holistic approach to education places a huge priority on interactive communication and awareness.


  1. Healthy and Fitness Habits

A healthy body and a healthy mind are co-related. Students are introduced to a healthy lifestyle and fitness habits by our UIS Springhill team. We have a full team of nurses, school counsellors, and native English-speaking houseparent’s with the experience to support the well-being of our students throughout the day, and in the school year.

Learning health habits in the formative years sets the groundwork for healthy adulthood. This in turn drives energy for the individual to succeed in a highly competitive workplace. Health is also a passport to a good quality life! From a well-balanced diet, to a personal hygiene care, to a good night’s sleep and fitness regimen, countless studies have been conducted about the importance of establishing a threshold early on in life.

Our Boarding Programme aims to create an environment for our students that eases the transition into the next academic stage in their life, by offering autonomous daily living with the support of a knowledgeable staff to guide students in a healthy direction. Our school is also well equipped with health and wellness facilities, nutritious dining options and, most importantly, the space for a child to grow into these habits naturally.


  1. Cultural Consciousness

A well-developed worldview needs a carefully curated process – it does not happen by accident. Our students are introduced and informed about different cultures. Trying different foods, learning a new language, or visiting other countries on vacation. Here at UIS Springhill, we aim to offer our students an experience that is at once immersive, inclusive, and diverse in other words holistic.

At UIS Springhill, our students start by learning and living among a diverse student body and it is extended by providing unique opportunities to participate in culturally relevant activities. For example, the Mid-Autumn Festival or Lunar New Year celebration.

Our Boarding Programme welcomes a wide variety of students from different countries. This opens all students to a different dimension. In a world that prizes globalisation, this cultural inclusivity prepares students to work with multinationals and also seek employment overseas. It creates options and opens the door to many opportunities. At UIS Springhill, our differences are not just affirmed, they are constantly celebrated and cultivated.

Our boarding school serves a diverse body of motivated students who study and live in supportive, inclusive academic communities, where they learn independence and responsibility.  These values are aimed at assisting our students achieve success at our classroom and beyond!



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