Zaina Shihabi

Zaina is an experienced DP & MYP educator, who has also taught both undergraduate and master level classes in the UK. Born in Aramco, Saudi Arabia, Zaina has since lived in Bahrain, the UAE, the UK, Jordan, and is now excited to be adding Malaysia to her list of “homes away from home”. She holds a TESOL certification, a BA in Mass Communication, an MA in Education, and a PhD (her research centered around previous and ongoing debates surrounding A Level curriculum & education policy in the UK). Moreover, she is a member of several professional associations including the TESOL International Association & the British Educational Research Association. Above all, she is passionate about intercultural & interdisciplinary practices, helping students develop critical thinking skills, and providing a safe and inclusive learning environment. In her spare time, she loves to sing and listen to music.

Academic Qualification

  • PhD (education policy and curriculum)
  • Master of Arts in Education and Music
  • Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication
  • TESOL Certification
  • Online Educator Certification (ongoing)
  • PGCEi (ongoing)

Teaching Experience

  • University lecturing in the UK
  • Secondary teaching in Jordan & Malaysia.
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