Sunitha Ittadi

Ms. Sunitha Ittadi is the School Counsellor and IB DP Psychology facilitator. She completed IB DP (cat 2) Counselling. She has been counselling and teaching for the past five years, and is listed in “Successful People in Malaysia” by British Publishing House. Sunitha is a Certified Professional Coach(CPC) accrediated by ICF (Interntaional Coach Federation). She holds a Masters in Applied Psychology in Coaching and a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology. Sunitha hails from India, where cultural richness is naturally added to her knowledge and expertise – which is a global need to bring ‘Unity in Diversity’. Her students enjoy her sessions as she is a live wire bringing hope, joy, warmth, motivation and trust. Her students benefit from her expertise in counselling and coaching as she blends it to make sure her students are able to identify the issues/desires, empowered to deal with it efficiently, motivated to continue to work for their ultimate goal and also have sustained success/results. Sunitha cherishes working with students to see them as holistic individuals equipped and empowered to become global citizens. She enjoys nature, dancing, cooking, extreme sports, literature and philosophical conversations. She loves people.