Meet Our Head of Primary

About Our Head of Primary

Mrs. Shereen Kassem

Nationality: Lebanese

Head of Primary

Education & Qualifications:

– A in English Language and Literature from Beirut Arab University. (Beiut, Lebanon)

– Completed several courses in Elementary Education at the American University of Beirut.

Work Experience:

After graduation in my home country, Lebanon, I decided to begin working in several tuition centers and also volunteered to teach students who were at treatment centers. This helped me to understand the needs of young students better and to shape my teaching to improve their performance. I then travelled to Jeddah, SA where I had completed 4 years at Dar Jana Intl. School. I started my career as an elementary teacher there and got promoted to senior teacher in charge of 13 primary classes. This enabled me to collaborate with different teachers and administrators. After that, I continued working in Saudi Arabia with another school (Z.S.I.S) for 2 years, where I had worked as a Y4 & Y5 Homeroom teacher. I had also worked in Pakistan, Islamabad with an international school for one year and gained a lot of experience with expat students. My total work experience is around 10 years having spent almost 4 years with UCSI as a Y1 HR teacher then as a Y5 HR teacher.

Plans for the Primary Department at UCSI:

  1. Improve on delivery of the curriculum by applying effective learning strategies that focus on the learner’s progress.
  2. Improve on parental involvement and be able to connect better with their expectations.
  3. Provide more opportunities to link learning in primary classes to real experience in the community
  4. Provide more support and ongoing professional development workshop for staff members as they pursue the strategies set out in our plans.

UCSI International School has an amazing team of teachers who focus on the needs of their students.  The teaching and learning process is a priority along with the development of each student holistically.

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