Developing 21st Century skills in students

Developing 21st Century Skills in Students

At UIS Subang Jaya, we look Beyond Academics, preparing our students with the grit and perseverance to tackle and achieve their goals by demonstrating personal actualization skills of self-awareness, self-management, social- awareness, responsible decision making, and relationship skills. Our holistic approach to student development synergizes the academic curriculum alongside 21st century skills that prepare them for careers in a fast-paced global economy. In line with that direction, our emphasis is on the core competencies of 21st century skills, primarily 5C’s of Education.

Critical Thinking, the first C, where students are trained to use a rational approach in all areas of their life, skilfully applying, analysing, synthesizing data and information through reflection and pattern observation.

Creativity, the second C is where our creative teaching and learning methods allow students to be in “the Zone” where they are completely absorbed by their lessons. It opens their minds to other possibilities to understand their subject matter effectively.

Communication, is our third C. Communication skills are vital to a student’s academic success. The ability to articulate ideas, thought processes and engage in an emotionally intelligent way all comes down to excellent communication skills.

The fourth C, Collaboration is where UIS Subang Jaya fosters collaborative learning to develop higher level thinking, self-management and self – regulation skills. Collaboration cultivates empathy and understanding of others, brings a synergy that spurs a growth mindset.

We place a huge emphasis on Character, the fifth C. We see character education as the shared responsibility of the UIS Subang Jaya community. Core values, ethics, integrity, emotional maturity and civic mindedness are some of the tenets in character education offered by UCSI Subang.

Students spend a lot of their young lives in school and this offers ample opportunity to develop the 5C’s through sportsmanship, healthy competition and stimulating challenges in the classroom and extracurricular activities. At UIS Subang Jaya our students are given every opportunity to cultivate social and community awareness through events such Pink Day, Community Outreach Programmes, Talent Shows and Sporting Events.

Our esteemed teaching panel includes highly accomplished expatriate teachers from 15 nations. We hope to develop a broad sense of cultural awareness and global citizenship. A Global Citizen education is prized as students are prepared for relevance in a globalized world that values innovation, progress, equality, peace and sustainable development.

UIS Subang Jaya firmly believes in developing a student’s self-confidence and independence to give them a firm footing beyond the school environment. Our ethos is, given the right environment and tools, every student can reach their fullest potential. We aim to harness that potential.

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