UCSI Education Group has poured its 26-year proven track record into its latest development, UCSI International School, as one of very few purpose-built boarding schools supporting an English-based internationally recognised curriculum for students aged 6 to 17. Led by international staff and catering to youth from all over the world, your child will be greatly enriched by the culturally diverse, full boarding experience. UCSI International School holds the beliefs that a good school should cultivate enthusiasm in a child to learn and discover, instil confidence, and provide a nurturing atmosphere. At UCSI International School, “We School Different”.

English is the medium of instruction at the school and majority of students are expected to enter UCSI International School without any ability to speak Malay. Therefore, Malay will be offered as an elective, and students are encouraged to learn the language in order to fully experience what the local culture has to offer. Additionally, English fluency is not a prerequisite, yet, being immersed in the language is guaranteed to accelerate your child’s fluency.

In order to enable the school to offer a stimulating, caring and positive environment, class sizes are limited to twenty-five students per in-class teacher. There will be full range of staff on premises to support your child in various ways outside the classroom as well. This arrangement fosters close individual attention in addition to personalized learning.

UCSI International School expects to draw students from a variety of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds from around the globe. Some families represent local residents, some are of the expat community in Malaysia, and others will enter Malaysia for the purpose of education. The common thread among these families is a belief in international education and a realization of the remarkable advantages it provides to their children’s future. We believe that all hard-working students with the desire to learn in this unique setting are capable of attaining exceptional achievements.

Yes. The school is open to anyone who wishes their child to experience a world-class international education experience at an affordable price. To reserve a seat for your child, you may fill out the(Form) online!

The curriculum used at UCSI International School is considerably more advanced to those found in many other schools. For this reason, it is recommended that students begin at UCSI International School as early as possible. Students with a head start in our programme will experience distinct educational benefits; however, UCSI International School warmly welcomes students of all grade levels to join as they pursue a fun and rewarding educational programme.

Enrolling a child at the school is dependent upon the availability of the seats, which are processed in a first-come, first-served manner. Students may submit their application for consideration using the website’s Online Application at any time of the academic year.

Yes, a secure fence surrounds the campus, allowing students to safely pursue hands-on learning in any area of the grounds. The UCSI International School campus also boasts brand modern outdoor sports facilities specifically for its students to enjoy. Security personnel will also monitor campus activity 24 hours a day to ensure only authorised students, staff and guests are present. Moreover, UCSI International School has strategically located itself away from the risks associated with hectic city life, specifically proposed for undistracted education and student safety. If students choose so, they may also spend time indoors at the student lounge or one of many TV rooms, visit the computer lab, spend time in the library, or take part in various other co-curricular activities. For more in-depth details on the school’s security measure, please visit the Security Page.

Yes, UCSI International School students will wear three different looks: One formal for special events, one for regular academic classes, and one for Physical Education (PE) classes. UCSI International School has spent time with a fashion design team to ensure some of the best looking and most practical uniforms in Malaysia. The uniforms are available for purchase at the School.

The school will evaluate each and every student before placing him/her into a specific year level. While there is no entrance test to pass before joining the school, some students will be asked to take part in an admission test. This will ensure that each child studies in an appropriate environment promoting positive social and academic development. For students who are entering from a recognized international curriculum, previous academic transcripts alone may be sufficient. Students entering from unrecognized curriculums will be asked to sit for an assessment to gauge their English language and other proficiencies.

Your child should be prepared to listen carefully and follow directions. The different admission test activities do not respond to coaching. Avoid using the word “test” or “games” when explaining the admission test to your child. A better approach is to tell your child that he/she will be taking part in activities which will help you make a decision about a good school for next year. Your child should expect to perform a number of different activities. The student should be prepared to follow directions and not approach the tasks as self-directed play.

Absolutely. Feel free to call the school’s hotline in order to arrange a convenient time to view the new campus. We would be happy to provide you with a tour. Whether it is to visit the facilities or to meet with an admissions officer, please inform UCSI International School in advance.

Our school is an international school. This means that our language of instruction is English, and we are not required to offer the host country’s national curriculum. We also promote international-mindedness in our school community. Our focus on international-mindedness is reflected in our teaching staff and curriculum.

Student not proficient in English may be placed in a grade suited to their language learning needs. Once vocabulary and communication skills in English are further developed, students will experience greater success in their studies. Remediation and club participation will also be available as part of our support of English language development.

Yes, additional learning support for students is available at lunch time and after school. Teachers can provide intensive one on one and small group learning support for students. In addition, our after school programme facilitates language development.

The purpose of the admission test is to determine which grade is the best placement for each student. Students who score below their grade level on the admission test may be placed in a grade more suited to their learning needs.

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