The UCSI Heritage


UCSI International School is wholly owned by UCSI Group, a diversified group with 6 business clusters; namely, Education, Hotels, Properties, Technology, Healthcare and Consulting. The Group’s maiden education investment dates back to 1986, and today this flagship subsidiary is known as UCSI University.

UCSI’s education subsidiaries:

The UCSI-Child Development Centre is based on UK learning programmes to provide children a head-start in academic excellence and overall development. The Child Development Center offers interaction opportunities to encourage children in pursuing their particular interests and talents through creative, independent thinking, as well as teamwork and responsibility. Thus, children are exposed to hands-on, multi-sensory learning, which incorporates a blend of teacher-directed and child-directed activities forming unique learning experiences.

Sri UCSI Primary and Secondary School is a private school providing classes from Standard 1 to Form 5 and follows the National School Curriculum. The school delivers special emphasis on mastery of the English Language and aims to mould students to be tri-lingual in Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin. The school is running at maximum capacity with 800 local and foreign students, over 90 staff members, and a 12 month enrolment waiting list.

UCSI University, based in Kuala Lumpur, has over 1,000 staff members spread over 4 campuses in 3 states. Its faculties offer a wide spectrum of academic programmes, ranging from Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Engineering and Architecture to Music, Multimedia, Education, Liberal Arts and Hospitality. The University has a proven track record, currently hosting over 10,000 students from 100 countries. As the leading university, it engages with more than 4,000 industrial partners to integrate classroom learning with workplace training, where students gain hands-on experience to enhance their employability.

UCSI College provides quality education and learning support for professionally-driven industry-ready academic programmes and language certification courses to equip students and current workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge for career success and continuous professional development.

UCSI College started off as UCSI English Academy in 2007 providing English Language Proficiency programmes for UCSI University students. In 2012, the academy was accorded college status by the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia and became UCSI Professional Academy. In April 2014 the college became Lux International College and subsequently rebranded as UCSI College in December 2015. UCSI College currently welcomes local and international students as part of its growing student body.

UCSI Extension operates from 3 centres, two in Kuala Lumpur and the other in Sarawak. It offers short-term courses and in-house training required by companies that need continuous training and skills development of their employees. In addition, UCSI Extension recognized the demands of experienced working adults who are eager to obtain a paper qualification on a part-time basis. The centres have provided training to over 1000 students from the various industries at various levels. Many graduates are employees from established MNCs, logistics companies, local ports and other industries, such as DHL and Dell computers.

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