65% of our teachers are expatriates from more than 15 countries, including Australia, Canada, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom & United States of America. Our teachers are all well qualified and experienced to deliver our international curriculum and also educate our students to be global citizens.

Alice Ong

School Principal

Shereen Kassem

Head of Primary

Toby Grey Walrod

Head of Secondary

Cher Nina Bautista

Early Years 1 & 2 Homeroom Teacher

Laurence Bugarin

Year 1 Homeroom Teacher

Alison Nom Chong

Year 2 Homeroom Teacher

Bronwyn Sweetman

Year 2 Homeroom Teacher

Tedesco Tiziana

Year 3 Homeroom Teacher

Kasia Burgess

Year 4 Homeroom Teacher

Roham Yeganegi

Primary 5 Homeroom Teacher

Sumna Rasheed

Year 6A Homeroom Teacher
Science Teacher

Annie Tan

Year 6B Homeroom Teacher
Music Teacher

Toni Evans

Year 7A Homeroom
Humanities Teacher

Seyed Hesameddin

Year 7B Homeroom Teacher

Roland Schwarzl

Year 8A Homeroom Teacher & Head of Physical Education (PE)

Majid Hojat

Year 8B Homeroom & English Teacher

Mehraj Begum Nowshath

Year 9A Homeroom Teacher & Head of Humanities

Zhang Na

Year 9B Homeroom Teacher & Head of Mandarin

Divya Rao

Year 10A Homeroom Teacher, Head of Science

Michelle Seher

Year 10B Homeroom Teacher & Head of English

Muhammad Iqbal Bin Jamzuri

Mathematics Teacher

Kieran Mathers

English & Humanities Teacher

Samantha Richards

English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher

Jeevitha Subramaniam

English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher

Vasilis Misoulis

Head of Maths

Vladimir Vasilyev

Mathematics & ICT Teacher

Benjamin Stephens

Mathematics Teacher

Aungadh Ramnath Tiwari

Mathematics & Science Teacher

Rasheed Mundeth

Business Studies, Accounting & Economics

Andrew McLauchlan

ICT Teacher

Shiva Esmaeili Azad

Mathematics Teacher

Jessica Yam

Mandarin Teacher

Tee Qiao Yuin

Mandarin Teacher

Carmen Hoo Kah Moon

Mandarin Teacher

Wan Munirah

Head of Malay Language

Hartini Najimudin

Malay Language Teacher

Nor Aliya Sofia

Malay Language Teacher

Ellan Wee

Arts Teacher

Ayşegül Gürcan

Arts Teacher

Chrys Chin Yean Wei

Music Teacher

Gonzalo Morquecho

Head of Visual & Performing Arts & Drama Teacher

Medhat Assem

Physical Education Teacher

Joshua Chu

Physical Education Teacher

Susan Teo

Teaching Assistant

Lushba Arjan

Teaching Assistant

Chong Ee-Ting

Teaching Assistant

Tina Wong Yuh Shian

Teaching Assistant

Rueben S/O Noval

Teaching Assistant

Kris Gotze

Student Support Officer

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