I am sure that you would agree when we say that our children are the most precious global and personal resource. For this reason, you should not take chances when it comes to choosing the right school for your child. One of the most important components of international school life is campus safety and security. Allow us to address what we feel are a few key points.


At UCSI International School Subang Jaya, we recognise that our staff are entrusted to look out for the wellbeing of our students. Various measures are in place to ensure optimum care for your child and the school prides itself on a tight security policy that prevents outsiders from accessing the school’s premises.

Going further, our teachers are committed to foster a communicative, participatory and caring environment on campus. We want students to come to us whenever they have a problem and we seek to be involved as much as possible.

UCSI International School staff will also participate in comprehensive training to cater to our students’ needs. From first aid to the detection of behavioural change, we want our staff to be ready to assist in any circumstance.


Violence has been something that is all too often turned a blind eye toward. It can be found on television, clothing designs, in movies, music, computer games, and online. It is time to stop glorifying negativity.

Violence is not cool, and it certainly is not educational. It slowly erodes at and contradicts all other efforts to provide our children with both physical and mental health. Violence damages society while parents simultaneously attempt to raise well-rounded children.

While the Internet can be a powerful educational tool, it can also undermine all that educators work toward. At UCSI International School, we use a specially designed web filter, which prevents youngsters from accessing inappropriate virtual content. Students are encouraged to use wholesome online resources as UCSI International School takes the first step to block negative sites. Positive change in today’s environment needs to be made. You can make it happen, and UCSI International School can offer the support you need. We are firmly committed to building a holistic experience for all of our students.

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