When we returned to Malaysia after 9 years away, we were anxious to find a school that can provide a rigorous yet well-balanced education for our 2 daughters, beyond the ordinary academic-heavy approaches. We are glad to have found USCI Springhill, delivering the IB curriculum in a charming campus environment. With the academic staff’s balanced emphasis on application of knowledge in tandem with normal knowledge acquisition, we are banking on USCI Springhill to equip our daughters with the necessary skills and acumen to undertake future challenges and opportunities in life.

I would say that this school is my favourite Middle school I ever been so far. I have changed school for several times because I can’t fit it in to the environment. In UCSI, I get to know different nationalities of people, both students & teachers. The teachers in UCSI are very patient and they are certainly willing to help us growing as a student. The teachers always come up with fun and interesting teaching methods while teaching the students. We are able to discuss as a class, as a school and as a community. Together, we discuss world issues ; we learn world histories ; we learn literatures from the past and the present. I am part of the Student Council, and we have organize different set of activities and events for students to relax themselves and discuss issues such as: bullying, recycling and more. In UCSI, we strongly promote the IB Learner Profile. One of the goal for Student Council is to let all the students and teachers to be balanced between school works and Funtime, which balanced is one of the IB Learner Profile. Contact our school now and learn more about our school. Join us!

I am a boarding student at UCSI Springhill and my experience so far has been great. I enjoy everything about the school. The facilities are high class, the teachers are experienced, students are friendly, and boarding feels just as if I’m at home.

First of all, I would like to talk about the facilities. There is a sheltered basketball and volleyball court, large football field, Olympic sized swimming pool, student lounge, multi-purpose hall, and many spacious classrooms. These facilities create a good learning environment for students. Classrooms are spacious and have sturdy chairs and tables to give students a better view of things around the class. The field and other sports facilities encourage students to exercise and have fun through sports.

The teachers at UCSI Springhill are experienced and friendly. Students can learn from these teachers whether it is in or out of the classroom. Within the classroom, teachers explain the subject thoroughly while keeping in mind not to spoon-feed knowledge to the students. Instead, the teachers encourage the students to find out the information via research on the Internet, reading, or interviewing others. We are not treated as bottles to be filled with knowledge by our teachers and we are taught which tools can be used to find the answers and how we can use them in appropriate time. Learning is not necessary to be done by me alone and I feel it is fun when it is done with my peers. Outside the classroom, teachers participate in sports activities with students.

At the moment, my class is small which means we have become a close group when it comes to supporting each other’s learning. Encouraging us to be confident and engage in discussion is a primary focus of each lesson. It is a day that constantly challenges me and I know is developing the skills that I will need for the rest of my life.

The boarding program makes boarders feel comfortable and at home. The rooms are spacious and clean making it a good living environment, or a workplace. The boarding program is filled with many activities after school ends. Examples of these include: field sports, going to the night market, travelling out of school etc. This ensures that the boarding students do not get bored of doing the same thing everyday.

Boarding life in UCSI is fun. I get to know many people here and have learned how to socialize better and communicate with people more. As a DP student, it is very convenient for me as there are friends who can help me out with my assignments whenever I am confused. We are able to discuss and also revise together during our library time. Time I spent in the dorm is meaningful, I get to do many sports with the facilities in school, for example, swimming, badminton, jogging, volleyball, frisbee, gym and many other type of sports.

Teachers are capable to facilitate and guide IB programs as the programs are student-centered, less structured and less text-books based. Parents and students have similar levels of access to information on Managebac. Teachers post units of study, assessment tasks, questions from students, feedback from teachers to students and student’s levels of achievement on Managebac.

Parents are invited to be part of the Parent Advisory Council (PAC). The PAC is to provide opportunities for parents to support school community and contribute to school improvements and communication opportunity with school. They want to work with parents to build a learning community that best meets the needs of the students. The Council works with the school and advises on academic issues, programs and activities.

Open communication between teachers, students and parents is one of the keys to student success at school. The school initiates parent-teacher meeting in the beginning of each year and introduce teachers to parents. This is allow parents and teachers to exchange contact information. Mid-term parent-teacher-student conferences are held than at the end as to enable sufficient time for problem correction and work praising and to allow time for follow up.

The school is receptive and friendly to feedback and suggestions from parents Teachers are friendly to questions from parents any time. School proprietor is not a “want to make as much profit as possible” attitude and have corporate-social-responsibility.

My son is given by financial assistance to finish his MYP program. Low teacher:student ratio at the moment and student getting one-to-one attention Extensive curriculum, co-curriculum and after-school activities fro students. Each day of the week have at least three different activities running concurrently and students are required to to choose at least two activities throughout the week to take part in.

Excellent out-door facilities like covered basketball and tennis courts, soccer field, golf course and an Olympic-sized swimming pool Purpose-built classrooms for delivering IB programs and specialized science, design, computer, music, art and languages rooms are outstanding. Purpose-built library to cater for younger and older users and ample discussion rooms for group discussions and projects Ample car parks available within the 20 acre campus and so no need for on-the-street parking. The picking and dropping-off of children happens in a secure and safe environment.

It all begin 3 years ago when I had heard about the enrolment for the new International school in Springhill .The moment I set foot on the school ground it was mostly still under construction yet it still did amaze me.

I met the ever courteous principal, Ms Kathy who definitely made me feel at ease and gave me assurance that I m at the right place for my son. I was one of the first parents who enrolled my son who was a shy and quiet boy at that time. But that was 3 years back.

Today I stand proud to say that my son has matured intelligently, brave, helpful and very creative and of course not forgetting his ability to challenge me in some questions.

His change of nature is what I definitely need to thank the teachers on how they have been so patient and applying all the positive attitudes on him.

My son loves the teachers and he practically loves everything about the school. I can barely hear him complaining anything about the school in this 3 years. The only thing he always wishes is his cafeteria would sell more sodas and some junk food to munch! Well I guess all kids would love that too. There is never a day he wants to miss school and I think what more can I ask but pure happiness to see my son loving school.

The teachers are just so warm, gentle,caring towards him to the extend I see him being able to communicate and learn in such a good positive environment without him being afraid. Together with the teachers help he is able to cope well in the MYP .

Another thing truly amazes me is when I enter the school I notice that students regardless of age, religion, culture are very closely united. You will be able to see the older students playing along with the younger kids and it is like they take care of one another. You wouldn’t see these kind of attitudes or situations in every school. I barely remember my schooldays anything as nice as UCSI. Perhaps many parents would agree with me.

My son loves outdoor activities and so fond of soccer that he wish he could play it all day. I was rather shocked to know that Ms.Beth is his soccer coach. I mean in my country this game practically belongs to men. Anyhow my son has been giving me ravishing reviews on how good is Ms beth in soccer and not forgetting our Ms.Kathy herself it seems a fabulous player too. Hearing on all this amazing comments on his activity makes me want to also play soccer now.

Today as my son is still growing, I can sit back and be rest assured that I had made the right choice on making him a student of UCSI. I think as a parent I cant ask for more but this is one of my finest investments I have done for my sons future.

Itruly believe by the time he graduates from UCSI, he would have all the IB qualities and most importantly he would be a well balanced educated individual.

A million thanksto the lovely principal, Ms Kathryn, the dynamic teachers and the helpful staff of UCSI.

My son attends school here. I can tell he enjoys school for he cannot wait to go back to school every Monday morning. That is important to us as a family, that he thrives and blooms in an environment that encourages & supports his learning, individuality and team spirit. Lately, I have noticed his propensity to self reflect – I feel so proud that he can do that at 12 years of age ! I wish I had learn that ability myself early in life. Kudos to his teachers and the school for instilling the IB student qualities in our children. His enthusiasm for learning is contagious, it’s rubbed off on me. I have learnt to do the ultimate frisbee throw ! I now know the various colours that certain chemical elements emit in fireworks. What’s next ? I can’t wait. Thanks, Zach for sharing your knowledge with me. I will skip that Kung fu kick, you can show me how to do proper contemporary referencing though. My work reports can do with some of that.

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