100% Pass Rate in MYP eAssesment

We are proud to announce that all our UCSI IB MYP 5 students have cleared the IB MYP moderation of Personal Projects and the ePortfolio subjects with a 100% pass rate!

With UCSI students adapting fast to distance learning, our students fulfilled the requirements and scored a 100% pass rate in their results! In addition, six MYP certificates with five bilingual certificates for a total of 11 students have been awarded and one student with a course certificate. The students explored and met the requirements set by the IB and completed the tasks assigned which proved their commitment and dedication towards their learning.

Students overcame the challenge of remote learning with ease thanks to our MYP teachers’ support. Our students were principled, courageous and resilient to take this as a challenge especially during the time of uncertainty and they truly embody the spirit of IB learner profile.

Congratulations to all the MYP June 2020 cohorts on this achievement and all the best in your future endeavours!