Meet Our Chairperson




As both a school governor and a mother, I know first-hand that education is about more than just academics alone. The holistic development of a child’s intellectual, creative, social, civic and professional skills together is what truly makes a well-balanced, educated individual. For this reason, I am proud to serve as chairperson of the board of governors for one of Malaysia’s newest private schools: UCSI International School. Since 1986, the UCSI Education Group has been contributing to the nation’s education landscape. With the establishment of UCSI International School, we now embark on spreading our educational expertise with new standards of the IB framework. The programmes offered take the best practices of school curriculums worldwide to offer students a comprehensive education with a strong focus on critical thinking to prepare them for tertiary education.

Aspiring to be one of Malaysia’s top schools to provide IB programme with full boarding facilities, our goal is to provide students a disciplined, multicultural learning atmosphere, dedicated to all aspects of student development. At our school, children will thrive living in a stimulating educational environment while also receiving the attentive nurture and care necessary to ensure healthy and happy physical and emotional maturity.

Our teachers come from a range of different backgrounds and countries and are trained not only in how to teach academics, but how to promote a culture of multinational understanding and appreciation, skills crucial to succeeding in today’s globalised world. Additionally, our nurturing yet disciplined boarding atmosphere and dedicated staff enable students to focus on their studies while also developing organisational and time management skills.

In addition to offering the curriculum to our students, we are also excited to share the benefits of UCSI International School through our boarding program. The unique programme offers a series of sports, activities and events. Please join us on our exciting journey.

Datin Lily Ng
Chairperson, Board of Directors
UCSI International School