Meet Our MYP Coordinator

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Peter Vinoj – Middle Years Programme (MYP) Coordinator

Mr Peter Vinoj is an enthusiastic and motivated professional who hails from the hill station of Kodaikanal, in Tamil Nadu, India. He is an expert film-maker and CGI Artist with significant industry experience in both fields. Having had a passion for sharing knowledge and educating, he became an International Baccalaureate (IB) teacher in 2014 at India’s first and oldest IB School.

His interests are varied and range from driving, exploring new gadgets, gizmos and technology and watching movies as much as he enjoys making them. He brings immense amounts of cross-cultural exposure and experience to the table, having gained it through both teaching students from various nationalities and being a working professional in a new country. He is a minimalist and believes in producing quality work above all else. He’s a storehouse of talent, and his strengths are his confidence, honesty, communication and delegation skills. Most importantly, he is a highly creative individual with a vivid imagination and great ideas.

Peter is a congenial person and a team player with his beliefs rooted firmly in motivating and inspiring people. “He will be a valued addition and an asset in whatever task he chooses to take up.”

I am delighted to welcome you to the IB Middle Years Programme at UCSI. I’ve been in UCSI International School, Springhill, Malaysia, for four years, and I think it is a great and unique experience because it is nothing like the other schools I have visited. IB MYP is a concept-driven, inquiry-based education that centres on learners. The IB programmes promote open communication based on understanding and respect and encourage students to become active, compassionate, lifelong learners.

The MYP is a programme that encourages inquiry, fosters curiosity and ensures that students think deeply about issues and then take action! Moreover, the programme values creativity and innovation, which are crucial in a 21st-century world where automation is creeping into every aspect of our lives.

Our beliefs in nurturing each child’s talents to ensure that, through close support and personalised provision, they can graduate to become open-minded and principled global citizens align perfectly with the UCSI school’s and the International Baccalaureate organisation mission.

Furthermore, given the diverse international population of our student body, the IB programmes match with our belief in celebrating our differences and encouraging internationalism, respect and understanding.  Our school community represents over 28 different countries, and by living and working together, students are constantly having their assumptions challenged and learning from each other.

Through the MYP, our students are challenged to excel in their personal development. Expeditions, Outdoor Education, a diverse sports programme, clubs, and charity events reflect the IB values. Your child will benefit from a high-quality education that is strictly quality assured by the IB organisation and recognised across the world.

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