Graham Duncan McClymont

Name: Graham Duncan McClymont

Title: PYP Homeroom Teacher

Nationality: Scottish


  • PGCE, Northern College of Education, Dundee, Scotland
  • Bachelor of Science in Zoology, University of Glasgow, Scotland
  • Diploma in Education, University of Dundee, Scotland
  • 36 years of teaching experience in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Scotland, Egypt, Nigeria, Borneo, Russia, Malaysia

Beyond teaching, Graham McClymont is a huge fan of sports, especially rugby. He has organised Sports Days for the school and have been involved with the leadership of the school’s Cricket Club throughout the years. Graham has also run very successful Athletics Clubs linked to the awarding of medals of varying levels to all participating students. Away from school, he enjoys photography. As he quotes, “If a photo opportunity arises, I hope my camera and myself will always be ready.”

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