World Soil Day (4 December 2021)

WORLD SOIL DAY (4 December 2021)

Our World Soil Day Teen Celebration Competition closed on November 15 2021. Taking one step forward in climate action we started with what is right beneath our feet- Soil! Hosted by UCSI schools and Teens4CAP and their synergistic partners, the competition that brought together teens from diverse backgrounds, was a roaring success. Our journey together saw participants on an artistic soil painting journey and videos demonstrating care for soil and plants. Teens from all over Malaysia, came together to form new bonds of friendship, inclusion, team and community building. The video slogan competition saw many creative ideas promoting soil care for food security.

The competition was a great opportunity to celebrate World Soil Day. United by one common goal- Preservation of Soil, our largest biodiverse heterogeneous mixture on planet earth. Demonstrating their love of nature and Mother Earth through creativity and experimenting our youth show-cased their talents, ideas and plans for soil preservation in a marvellous way. UCSI School’s Group is proud to support Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

We were able to witness some amazing and artistic artwork from the participating teens to promote soil care for the betterment of all living things on our beloved planet. With over 200 people joining this event, we are thrilled to know that everyone involved had as much fun as we did. The main objective of this even was to signify the importance of soil care and how together, we can work towards creating a better world for our future generations.

A huge shout-out to all the teens who took part in the World Soil Day competition, and a massive congratulations to the winners! UCSI Schools Group would also like to give a special thanks to our participating partners Regional Centre of Expertise Greater Kuala Lumpur (RCE GKL), KIWANIS, El-shaddai Refugee Learning Centre (ERCL), WWF Malaysia, Teens4CAP, Potato Productions, Blue Ribbon Global and UCSI Group SDG Secretariat Office for making this competition a success.