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At UCSI International School Springhill, we seek to do things differently. And no, this does not mean being different for the sake of it! Rather, it is our desire to make a positive difference. The commitment to go the extra mile when most would settle for okay. The patience to see one through an entire course. The belief that all things are possible.

In action, this sees our students learning and playing differently. The pleasure of learning must never be substituted with pressure and we invest much time in teaching our students how and not what to learn. We encourage them to explore. To test their ideas, refine them and take them further in the best way possible. We want our students to develop a worldview as they become critical thinkers that will impact society as they mature.

Our emphasis on holistic education is further exemplified by our approach to social activities. All our excursions are purpose-driven and students will learn more about the environment – and themselves – as they interact with their surroundings. We also focus on the socialisation process and our students are nurtured to inculcate a deep sense of cultural appreciation – a valuable trait to succeed in today’s borderless world.

Join us and understand the difference we have set out to make.