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Kyung ah Hwang

Kyung ah Hwang is from Korea and she teachers the Early Year 1 students. She speaks both Korean and English fluently and has been teaching for most of her life. She likes to be called “Kyung” or “Kyung ah” whichever easy for the students.




Sarah Jane George

Sarah Jane is originally from England and is UCSI’s Early Years Teacher. She specializes in Early Childhood Education and taught in England before moving to Malaysia. She has a passion for student led learning and development, as well as hands on learning.



Kali Hunt

Kali is from America and is UCSI's Year Three teacher. She is a self-driven and enthusiastic educator with a passion for student development and new learning experiences. Kali has four years of teaching experience in America. She specializes in Early Childhood Education.



Iulius Carebia

Iulius is originally from Transylvania, Romania. He has taught students as early as kindergarten up to university level in Indonesia, China and Malaysia. An engineer by trade with a degree in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, he has a passion for technical subjects such as Maths, Physics and Science. He is also trained mountain guide, outdoour education, trekking, skiing and mountain biking instructor. Also a certified instructor for basic survival skills.  

Dennis Carroll

Dennis is from San Francisco. He teaches because he loves teaching and dreams of providing a brighter future for his students and future generations. In a world that is constantly changing, education is an area open to creativity. His goal as a teacher is to always be there for the students. He is a Certified Level 1 Google Educator. 


Ryan Murphy

Ryan is a citizen of both South African and Ireland. He studied at Rhodes University in South Africa and since graduating has had some amazing opportunities of teaching in diverse countries such as South Africa, UK and the Sultanate of Oman. Ryan teaching Mathematics USCI.   


Adam Ishak

Adam was born in London and grew up in Kuala Lumpur. While studying Psychology at Hull University, he developed an interest in the teaching profession. After his degree he worked in Oxford before moving back to Malaysia. Outside of teaching he has performed magic tricks and played drums in a rock band.


Justin Hunt

Justin is from the state of Georgia, North America. He graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelors in History Education focusing on World History, American History, and Economics. Upon graduating he taught at Macon County High School in Montezuma, Georgia before moving to Malaysia. While in the US he coached the basketball, baseball, and football teams. At UCSI he teaches humanities, PE and coaches the basketball team.


David Couper

Born in Rotorua New Zealand David has a Masters of Education, Bachelor of Engineering, TEFL Certified, ex IELTS Examiner and Director of Studies Certified. He has been in teaching for 15 years and has worked in Thailand, Russia, Mongolia and China. For the last 5 he has worked in Malaysia on the English Development Program for the Ministry of Education, Malaysia.

William Norris

William Norris is from the Rocky Mountain region of the United States. While earning his Masters of TESOL, he taught at Natrona County High School in Wyoming, worked with Special Education students and volunteered with Literacy Volunteers teaching emigrants English as a Second Language (ESL). In his free time, he enjoys downhill skiing, single track mountain biking, hiking and collecting rocks and glass shards.


Yusra Khairi Obaid

Being brought up as a diplomat child, Yusra is truly a global citizen. She has been travelling since she was a child and has been raised across continents. In all the schools that Yusra studied she found one thing in common that her teachers had a passion to convey knowledge and inspire young minds. As soon as she graduated with a degree in Microbiology Yusra decided to pass the torch and started her career as a teacher.


Christopher Mann

Christopher comes from the British Education system in the UK and teaches mathematics at UCSI. He has many years’ experience of teaching within international schools in Malaysia. In his spare time he plays cricket and travels around Asia to participate in cricket matches.



Natalia Piven

Natalia, is originally from Russia, though Malaysia has been her "second home" close to 20 years. While having Master degree in Economics and Mathematics from one of the leading Russian universities, she later embarked on a carrier path in Teaching Maths. Teaching has her passion and she enjoys working with the students with a vast array of different backgrounds. In 2013 Natalia became the Head of Mathematics at the school.


Charumathi Sivasubramanian

With a master's in Business Administration, Charumathi specializes in the field of Business Studies, Economics and Accounting. Having taught in India, Saudi Arabia and Qatar for several years before joining UCSI, she discovered that there is never a one-size-fits-all approach, so she constantly seeks new ways to motivate her students. Tailoring her approaches to suit individual needs and learning styles


Lee May Lain

May is from Malacca and is our Mandarin Teacher. She majored in Mandarin and has been teaching for over 7 years. She is passionate about being a teacher and is familiar with IGCSE, GCE, HSK and other international examinations. She love teaching and watching students achieve amazing results in their exam. Something that gives her great joy and satisfaction. 



Kamal Venkitachalam

Kamal has been teaching overseas for more than 18 years. He has taught in the Maldives, Canada, India, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Malaysia. He possesses a vast range of experience with a master’s degree in both Biology and Zoology. Additionally he has been providing curriculum development support and co-curricular support activities at each school



Darshan Kaur

With a Masters in Business Studies from Swansea University in Wales, as well as Bachelor degrees in TESL and Education, Darshan has vast experience in the Education sector. She has taught various subjects in both colleges and secondary schools



Katrina Griffiths

Katrina is an American and is our Teacher Librarian. She has earned her Master’s degree in Library Science at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane Australia. She loves teaching, storytelling, interactive workshops and of course books. She inspires to become an information wizard.



Mihai Stanescu

Mihai is a pianist and composer with extensive experience both on stage and in the field of teaching. He started learning to play the piano from the age of four, adding Composition to his skills while at the Music University in Bucharest. He has performed concerts in in France, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Moldova and Indonesia.  


Terry Chi Liang

Terry is our Mandarin teacher and he comes all the way from China.  He graduated from the University of Malaya with a Masters in Art and later completed his teaching training in IGCSE and IB Programme. He is passionate about Chinese culture and heritage of Mandarin and uses the language to open the eyes of his students.