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With an excellent track record spanning more than 27 years, the UCSI Education Group is synonymous with quality education. Regarded as one of Malaysia’s foremost education providers, the Group touches more than 12,000 learners each year from more than 40 different countries. This experience and the cross-fertilisation of ideas and culture equips us with a sound knowledge of what an international education should be.

To make UCSI International School Springhill a premier IB school in Malaysia and the region, we opted for nothing but the best. A massive project – one highlighted in Malaysia’s Economic Transformation Programme – saw us investing heavily to set up a purpose-built 20-acre campus. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and sporting amenities, we set the stage for a holistic – and uninterrupted – learning experience. UCSI International School Springhill is part of the greater effort to make Springhill a world-class education township.

Like the proverbial city on a hill – which is precisely where the school is located – the School aims to be a hub where education and aspiration meet. A place where children achieve with a special mix of skills. Creativity and industry. Passion and discipline. Individualism within teamwork. If life can be likened to a game, we believe that everyone can be a winner. With the right strategy. So together, let’s win.