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About the School

Well positioned in the education township of Bandar Springhill, Port Dickson, the UCSI International School offers a unique proposition: Full boarding for all its students. Aspiring to be the first boarding school offering the full array of International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes in Malaysia, UCSI International School recognises that the story of one's life is intertwined with the narrative of the larger community.

Being in the right one is essential and at UCSI International School, that community comprises an international cohort of boarders and their educators. Well-travelled and global in their outlook, UCSI International School educators – both local and expatriate – know how tough moving can be and a homely environment will be fostered on campus. Delving deeper, UCSI International School aims to celebrate diversity and our educators are more than capable of adapting to different learning styles, interests, aptitudes and cultural sensitivities.

The invaluable experience of learning, living and improving together – while being self-reliant – will provide our students with a different take on the socialisation process and they will acquire a greater appreciation of independence and interdependence as they mature. Located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, UCSI International School 20-acre campus offers conduciveness and students can focus on their studies without having to navigate a minefield of distractions. Equipped with tennis courts, a football field and an Olympic-sized swimming pool, there is so much one can do at UCSI International School and this sets the stage for a holistic – and uninterrupted – learning experience. Like the proverbial city on a hill – which is precisely where it is located – UCSI International School aims to be a place where education and aspiration go hand in hand. Learning should be fun and if life is likened to a game, everyone can be a winner.

So together, let's win.

UCSI International School is wholly owned by UCSI Group, a diversified group with 6 business clusters; namely, Education, Hotels, Properties, Technology, Healthcare and Consulting. The Group's maiden education investment dates back to 1986, and today this flagship subsidiary is known as UCSI University.